20’s Plenty for Us Briefing Feb 2020

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5 February 2020
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UK Places –

Glasgow unanimously voted for a Total 20 policy for almost 600,000 residents. £4.35M will make the vast majority of its network 20mph.

Birmingham is raising the proportion of its roads that are 20mph to 90%.

Kingston upon Thames is consulting on wide area 20mph.

Leeds announced almost every inner-city road will go 20mph.

London’s TfL will make every road it controls (the Red Routes) inside the Congestion Charge 20mph by May 2020.

We await consultation results from the City of Westminster for every road they manage to go 20mph. 20’s Plenty for Us
…making your place a better place to be

Global imminent declaration of 20mph as global best practice http://www.20splenty.org/stockholm_declaration World ministers meet to adopt the “Stockholm Declaration” at a conference this February and commitment to 30kmh (20mph) speed limits where vulnerable road users and vehicles mix. Rod King MBE our Founder/Director will speak at events.

Vision UK agrees that 20mph reduces the power imbalance between road users so some drivers can choose to drive less far or less often. It smooths traffic flow. Independent travel by the young and vulnerable groups rises.

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