About Us

Astbury Award Winners 2016

Vision UK

Vision UK is the independent partnership organisation which works with organisations in the eye health and sight loss sector and beyond for the benefit of blind and partially sighted people, their communities and the general population including those at risk of sight loss.

How we are funded

Vision UK is an independent organisation with a board of trustees and independent chair. At present we are fully funded by membership fees (see our members page for a list of members) not by any single organisation and we are going through a process of trying to diversify funding as we run on a very tight and difficult to sustain budget.

Our mission

Our mission is to improve lives by raising the priority given to eye health and sight loss locally and nationally in all 4 countries of the UK. We will facilitate and encourage collaboration between private, public and voluntary organisations to:

  • improve the nation’s eye health;
  • address avoidable sight loss and encourage investment in medical research to act on currently unavoidable sight loss;
  • join-up eye health and social care services; and promote an inclusive society for all; and
  • promote an inclusive society for all.

To achieve this, we have produced document on how we aim to deliver on our mission.