Action Against AMD (AAAMD) partners with leading organisations and the UK Government to establish the Health Data Research Hub for Eye Health

13 September 2019
Source: AAAMD

AAAMD is a partner in INSIGHT – Health Data Research Hub for Eye Health. INSIGHT is one of the seven pioneering data research centres to enable cutting-edge research and innovation to benefit UK patients.

There is an increasing demand for ‘big data’ to enable innovation in health technologies and improve patient care. INSIGHT creates an NHS-academic-industry partnership to make anonymised datasets accessible and provide critical services that respond to user needs (patients/industry/other), including ‘real-world evidence’ and ‘smart’ clinical trials for new drugs or devices, and accelerating AI-algorithm development for the NHS and beyond.

INSIGHT is focused on eye disease such as AMD and Glaucoma, and its application to wider health, including diabetes and dementia. It will use anonymised large-scale data and advanced analytics to bring new clinical insights: from detection, diagnosis and referral, to new treatments and personalised healthcare.

INSIGHT turns routine eye imaging – currently >25million/yr (UK) – into an exceptional asset for innovation as a convenient, uniquely valuable health snapshot. INSIGHT unlocks this opportunity by pairing unique anonymised data assets to hubs of expertise where patients and clinicians can, with industry, more efficiently explore the safety and use of new AI systems. This will accelerate the pace with which AI is able to translate to real patient benefit for the NHS and accelerate innovation across all sectors.

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