ADASS: Social care provider resilience during COVID-19: guidance to commissioners

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27 March 2020
Source: ADASS

Shared guidance to local authority commissioners from the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS), the Local Government Association (LGA) and the Care Provider Alliance (CPA).

This guidance note is for local authority commissioners. It is designed to summarise pressures on social care providers arising from COVID-19, and to put forward ways in which commissioners can alleviate these pressures.

This guidance comes from a shared ambition to ensure that providers are supported to maximise availability of care and support and to remain operationally and financially resilient.
This guidance does not deal with issues of infection control, which can be accessed elsewhere. The guidance also focusses on what local authority commissioners can do, in the knowledge that central government and other organisations such as CQC are also giving their own guidance and mitigation.

The guidance lists a range of pressures and actions that commissioners may take to address them. Local government makes decisions within the confines of the law and considering local factors. We describe these actions as what commissioners “can” do: our shared expectation is that commissioners actively consider all these issues and possible mitigating measures and do what is necessary to support their local providers.The guidance deals with potential actions for commissioners, but we recognise that they will be working with their local providers on a collaborative basis to identify issues and agree actions and mutual expectations.

Commissioners will incur extra costs in meeting this guidance, and this will be a suitable use of each local authority’s share of the £5 billion announced in the Spring Budget 2020.

This is a first iteration of our guidance and has been produced quickly but in the knowledge that other issues may emerge. We would therefore expect to supplement this guidance in the light of such issues.

Read the full information on the ADASS website


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