Alcon develops new resource for the eye health community in England

22 September 2015
Source: Alcon This is an interactive website that provides patients, the public and health professionals with easy-to-access information about waiting times for cataract surgery and access to new technology in their area.

MyCataracts provides a visual display of a number of data sets based on Freedom of Information (FOI) request surveys that were sent to NHS trusts across England. Some of the overall findings are detailed below:

*        A number of trusts breached the government’s 18-week waiting time limit for cataract surgery, with many more being close to this. The average waiting time for cataract surgery across all responding trusts was 86.18 days (just over 12 weeks). The figures are an average across 2014.

  • Only 41 trusts (36% of responses) made toric intraocular lenses available to patients undergoing cataract surgery, if deemed clinically suitable. Toric lenses can correct for a patient’s condition and remove the need for prescription spectacles. This raises concerns that many cataract patients in England are not able to benefit from new forms of medical technologies that have the potential to transform their lives.
  • 48 Trusts (42% of responses) offer patients the option of paying for ophthalmic procedures or treatments privately.

Alcon is a division of Novartis and a leader in the provision of Ophthalmology pharmaceutical and medical devices to the UK, including those used in the treatment of cataracts. As a global leader in eye care, we have an important part to play in the delivery of high quality and innovative care in the NHS. They are committed to working cooperatively with other in our sector to improve eye health outcomes.

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