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6 December 2018
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We are proud to announce that an episode of BBC’s ‘River Walks’ will be presented by Traveleyes Founder and Director Amar Latif and will air at 7.30pm on Monday 10th December on BBC One. The episode will be available on the BBC iPlayer shortly after.

As a blind man with a passion for outdoor adventure, Amar will be abseiling into a hidden canyon, canoeing across a vast reservoir and swimming through icy waters as he discovers how the stunning landscape along the River Nidd has been shaped.

Nidderdale is the place where hidden gorges have been carved out over thousands of years, where villages have been left abandoned after huge civil engineering projects, and where the farms of the future are taking hold in the landscape.

Amar’s 13-mile route takes in the most stunning parts of this unique river valley and is packed with intriguing history, stunning nature and incredible views. He will visit mysterious ruins, explore a hidden canyon, discover the remains of an abandoned village, canoe over Bradford’s water supply and meet the local llamas!

His journey starts at Scar House reservoir, where the River Nidd begins. Amar will canoe over the reservoir which now provides most of Bradford’s drinking water.

His journey continues down the Nidd valley where farmer Martyn Brown is revolutionising the way that farms connect with nature as he has planted 10,000 trees on his farm.

Next stop is How Stean Gorge where Amar abseils into the gorge to examine the natural rock formations and explore how the gorge came to be.

Amar and his guide continue to Pately Bridge where they hear how brown trout are thriving in the river there.

And the journey concludes in Wilshill where Amar meets Suzanne Benson who owns a llama tekking farm beside the River Nidd. Suzanne takes Amar on a scenic llama trek in a unique setting.

‘it’s been an incredible journey across beautiful Yorkshire with such amazing passionate people, just wish the temperature of How Stean Gorge was a little higher’ said Amar Latif. ‘I am fortunate to have travelled the world and to have done some incredible things with Traveleyes but the charm and the scenic landscape of Yorkshire will always have a soft spot in my heart’.

Amar’s Story

Amar lost his sight when he was 18 years old, but still wanted to explore the world. However, when he approached mainstream travel companies as a solo blind traveller, he faced rejection.

In the wake of this, and after a successful career as a Corporate accountant for large corporations, Amar decided to set up Traveleyes, to open up the world for thousands of blind travellers all over the world.

Traveleyes is the world’s first commercial tour operator offering independent group travel for both blind and sighted travellers. Established in 2004 by the Blind entrepreneur, TV presenter and world traveller Amar Latif, Traveleyes now runs over 60 trips a year to destinations all around the world, from Safaris in Africa and trekking in Machu Picchu to skiing in the Alps and exploring Europe’s most loved cities.

On each holiday, half the group are blind or Visually Impaired, and the other half fully sighted. Each day, the sighted travellers guide and describe to a different blind partner, and explore the destinations we visit together. In return for sharing their sight, the cost of their holiday is subsidised up to 50% by Traveleyes.

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