Astbury Award Winners & Shortlist 2015

10 September 2015
Source: VISION 2020 UK

Winner of the Astbury Award 2015

Bradford learning disability eye service Rachel Pilling

The Bradford Learning Disability Eye Service has brought together community health, hospital eye services, education, voluntary sector, patients and carers to improve access to eye health for adults and children with learning disability.

The Nominatees for this project are: Bradford Learning Disability Eye Service represented by Rachel Pilling.

Winner of the special award for lifetime achievement:

Andy Cassels Brown, National, International and Community Ophthalmology work

Since completing his MSc in Community Eye Health in 2000, Andy became the UK’s first NHS Consultant in Community Eye Health and has sustained great commitment to innovate, implement, evaluate and publish on a wide range of Vision 2020 programmes in Leeds, UK, and internationally.

The Nominatee is: Andy Cassels Brown

Highly Commended:   

Guide dogs and  Microsoft  for the Cities unlocked project

Guide Dogs and Microsoft joined forces in 2011 to improve mobility and navigation for people with sight loss and in 2014 they realised their ambition: to make cities more inclusive by taking a holistic approach to identifying the challenges that urban environments pose, creating a demonstrator device that augments reality to provide a richer, deeper experience for everyone.

The Nominatees for this project are: Cities Unlocked Team – Guide Dogs and Microsoft

Henshaws and GD Wheelchair and Guide dogs training.

Henshaws  Society for the Blind have collaborated with Guide Dogs to deliver staff training to meet the increased demand from wheelchair users for guide dog services.

The nominatee for this project is: Martin Best, Henshaws society for the Blind.

RNIB Scotland Dementia in West Dunbartonshire Kerry Garrigan RNIB Scotland and West Dunbartonshire

CHCP Sensory Impairment Team have established a successful partnership to provide a Community Vision Support Service within West Dunbartonshire for people with a diagnosis of dementia.  The aim is to ensure that residents of West Dunbartonshire with a diagnosis of dementia can access appropriate eye care within their own community.

The Nominatee for this project is: Kerry Garrigan, RNIB Scotland Vision Support Officer, Complex Needs.

RNIB learning disabilities Specialist training (VILD)

RNIB Scotland’s Visual Impairment, Learning Disability and Complex Needs Services (VILD) and UK Practice Development Team (UKPDT) have supported people with learning disabilities/complex needs for 20 years and a number of specialist services and training opportunities have been developed.  The innovative training developed/delivered by (UKPDT) is based in direct experience and practice

The nominatees for this project are: RNIB UK Practice Development Team


Guide Dogs and University of Cardiff for the DepVIT study

The depression in visual impairment trial (DEPVIT) investigated the prevalence of depression in people with sight loss accessing rehabilitation services in the UK and tested a potential psychological support intervention. It was born from the recognition that many people struggle with the emotional trauma of sight loss, leading frequently to chronic depression.

The nominatee for this project is: Dr Tom Margrain, School of Vision Science, Cardiff University.

Guide Dogs Scotland  for the VINCYP (Visual Impairment Network for Children and Young People) project .

This 5 year project (now in its second year) is to develop a new Managed Clinical Network (MCN) for all Children and Young People with Visual Impairments (CYPVI) in Scotland.

The nominatees for this project are Lead Clinician Dr Katherine Spowart and the VINCYP Steering Group.

Macular society professional membership base

The Macular Society’s professional membership aims to ensure nobody faces macular degeneration alone. The project has delivered almost 5,500 members who have distributed over 600,000 pieces of free patient literature; attended support group events; requested new patient information; and volunteered their own time to help those with macular degeneration.

The nominatee for this project is: Jessica Murray, Professional Liaison Officer

Thomas Pocklington Trust’s (TPT) Vision Strategy project. London Boroughs.

In 2012, TPT launched an ambitious project to deliver Vision Strategies across all 32 London boroughs for the benefit of people with sight loss and to promote the importance of eye health and prevention.

The nominatees for this project are: Thomas Pocklington Trust’s Vision Strategy Team

TPT Roger Clifton for leading East London Vision (ELVis)

This nomination is for the leadership of the East London Vision (ELVis), an organisation established so that everyone living in East London experiencing, or at risk of, any form of sight loss, receives a high quality service relevant to their need and at a time appropriate for themselves.

The Nominatee for the project is: Roger Clifton, Director of Collaboration, Thomas Pocklington Trust

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