BBC: Dyslexia not linked to eyesight, says study

25 May 2015

Dyslexia is not linked to any problems with eyesight, say researchers.

Teams from Bristol and Newcastle universities carried out eye tests on more than 5,800 children and did not find any differences in the vision of those with dyslexia.

This raises doubts about the value of using coloured overlays or lenses to help dyslexic children with reading.

Report co-author Alexandra Creavin said eyesight was “very unlikely” to be the cause of such reading problems.

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The study draws on a long-term tracking study in the Bristol area, which has followed the health of more than 14,000 children since the 1990s.

About 3% of children have severe dyslexia and researchers, using a sample of 5,822 children from this tracking study, carried out detailed eye examinations on dyslexic and non-dyslexic children.

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