BBC News: Disabled train users to get new ‘life-changing’ app

28 September 2018
Source: BBC News

A “life-changing” app that can track disabled rail users in real-time will be rolled out BBC news logonationwide.

The app will update station staff on where a passenger is at any point, useful in the event of a delay, change of platform or missed train.

Four rail companies are using an early version, with the full one to be available across Britain next autumn.

Paralympian Anne Wafula-Strike said the app would “empower disabled people to travel without any fear”.

Currently when passengers with mobility problems book assistance, a print-out is given to station staff in the morning.

The app, developed by Transreport for the railway industry, will allow users to create a profile, amend and cancel bookings and give staff live information to accommodate short-notice changes.

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