BBC News: NHS pressures ‘put medical breakthroughs at risk’

8 January 2020
Source: BBC News

Future medical advances are at risk because NHS pressures are hampering the ability of BBC news logostaff to take part in vital research, leading academics say.

The Academy of Medical Sciences said the number of doctors involved in research had fallen, while budgets had been frozen.

It said despite shortages of staff on the front line, more priority still needed to be given to research.

The government said it was looking to invest more in research generally.
During the election, the Tories said they wanted to see funding double over the next five years to £18bn a year.

That is for the whole research sector – although the NHS is expected to be a major beneficiary of this.

The Academy of Medical Sciences said this would help, but NHS staff would need protected time to ensure they could take part in research.

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