BBC News: The Joseph Rowntree Foundation: Disabled people ‘pulled into poverty’ as benefits fall short

6 February 2020
Source: BBC News

Nearly half the 14 million people living in poverty in the UK are disabled or liveBBC news logo with someone who is, research for a charity suggests.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation blames the high cost of coping with disability and the struggles disabled people face in finding jobs that pay enough.

Executive director Claire Ainsley said their plight was “fundamentally wrong”.

The government says it is committed to tackling poverty, spending £55bn this year on benefits for disabled people.Jospeph Rountree Foundation logo

In its annual state-of-the-nation report, to be published on Friday, the charity urges:

• reform of the benefits system
• making more flexible jobs available to help people with disabilities progress out of low pay

Read the full report on the BBC website


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