BBC Technology: Microsoft’s pods teach blind children how to code

23 January 2019
Source: BBC Technology

Theo Holroyd and Ollie Gerety share a common passion – they both love coding. BBC news logo

But until recently it was hard for the two pupils at King’s College School, Cambridge, to work together on a program.

Theo is blind and the method used by the school to introduce children to simple coding concepts just did not work for him.

Scratch, used in hundreds of primary schools, is a visual program, which involves dragging coloured blocks of code around a screen and then watching an animation.  But now Microsoft has developed a physical programming language to make coding accessible to anyone with a visual impairment.

Code Jumper consists of a series of pods, each of which contains a single line of code, representing a set of commands.  They can be joined together in different sequences to create a program – and Theo and Ollie have helped test and refine the system.

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