College of Optometrists, Podcast: Professor Pete Coffey on the London Project to Cure Blindness

8 July 2019
Source: College of Optometrists

The Latest podcast from the College of Optometrists features Professor Pete Coffey on the The College of Optometrists LogoLondon Project to Cure Blindness. During the podcast he talks about the future developments of stem cell research and describes the process. 

Listen to the podcast here: 

The project: The aim in this project is to The London Project to cure blindness logoreplace damaged and diseased retinal cells that lead to Age-related Macular degeneration with healthy cells that are grown from stem cells. Stem cells are cells found within the body that can reproduce infinitely and turn into any cell of the body. Potentially you need only one healthy stem cell to replace every cell and cell type in the body.

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