College of Optometrists: Woman ‘goes BLIND for three weeks after getting excruciating blue tattoos on her eyeballs’

6 November 2019
Source: College of Optometrists

Find out what the College of Optometrists Clinical Adviser has to say about a woman The College of Optometrists Logotemporarily losing her vision following an eye tattoo procedure. 

You may have recently read an article published on the Mail online (3 November 2019) about a woman temporarily losing her vision following an eye tattoo procedure. Australian ‘body modifier’, Amber Luke, has spent $26,000 transforming her looks, risking going permanently blind after getting blue ink tattooed on her eyes. She describes the 40-minute procedure as excruciating. Here’s what our Clinical Adviser, Dr Susan Blakeney FCOptom, had to say:

“I would strongly advise against this concerning procedure which has sadly resulted in temporary blindness for Amber Luke. Any invasive procedure on your eyes should be carried out by a qualified healthcare professional such as an ophthalmologist or an optometrist. It’s important to remember that just because something appears safe on the skin this does not necessarily mean it is safe for the eye!”

Read the full article on the College of Optometrists website 

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