College of Optometrists launches new framework to support the profession’s supervisors

17 January 2017
Source: The College of Optometrists

The College of Optometrists today launched its first ever Competency Framework for Supervisors for those supervising trainees in the College’s Scheme for Registration. The document, available to College members on the website, will build on the support already offered by clearly defining what is required of College supervisors.

The Framework aims to ensure that supervisors who are guiding the next generation of optometrists through the College’s Scheme for Registration are aware of how the GOC’s Standards of Practice, launched last year, relate to supervision. It outlines skill areas that supervisors need to support a trainee effectively, includes guidance on knowledge of the scheme itself, day-to-day supervision expectations and guidance on how a trainee should be helped in preparation for assessments.

The document will be followed in the spring by the launch of a brand new online training package for supervisors, for which CET points will be available.

Ruth Brough FCOptom, College of Optometrists Lead Assessor, said: “We have worked hard to ensure this new Framework makes clear the skills supervisors need in order to provide support to their trainees and to ensure that their trainee is meeting the outlined standards. We are confident that this will prove to be an invaluable tool for supervisors. This document may also help employees in identifying appropriate supervisors and the skills and support they might need to be effective in the role. We need supervisors to develop the profession and those who take on the role have the opportunity to support someone progress in their career and see them become an effective optometrist.”

College supervisor Lucy Hall MCOptom said: “This framework will be useful as a reference point for both new and existing supervisors. It will be very helpful for long term and day-to-day planning and ensuring that we’re doing the best job possible for our trainees, who in turn are ensuring a positive patient experience. It also gives clarity for trainees on what they should expect from a supervisor. I find the role rewarding, it’s great to watch a trainee come in, nervous, and by the end of the year, they are a really good optometrist.”

If you are not currently a supervisor but are interested in becoming one, please visit our website. 

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