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20 December 2018
Source: Starting Point Task and Finish Group

In 2016, Vision UK (previously known as VISION 2020 UK) the umbrella organisation for the eye health and vision impairment sector, led a project as part of the Vision UK Children & Young People with a Vision Impairment Committee aimed at improving the information given to families when their child is first diagnosed with a vision impairment. Research underpinning the work showed families wanted to know about resources and services without being overwhelmed with information. There was also a desire to enable quick and easy access through smart phone technology.

In October 2016 a new leaflet was launched called Starting Point ( Also, a website was created to enable parents to have easy access to trusted source information and contact details of a variety of support organisations across the UK (

Currently a partnership of organisations is working on a new information hub designed to be the ‘go to resource’ for people of all ages for information about vision impairment, including available support and services. This new information hub will have a specific section for children and families. We are keen to support this collaboration to ensure that parents and carers have access to a well resourced and readily accessible source of information. We will therefore be directing families towards this new hub rather than the current Starting Point website.

In light of this change, the Starting Point Task and Finish Group have decided it is a good time to return to the leaflet to ensure it is still an effective resource to ‘link-in’ parents and carers at what can be a difficult time for many families.

It is not intended to rewrite the leaflet as the original design is appropriate for this purpose and making significant changes may have a detrimental impact on its use. It is possible  though that despite numerous promotional activities there may still not be widespread knowledge of the resource. Therefore, the group would like to use this opportunity to pick up any concerns noted about the tone, wording or design. The group will do their best to make small changes that can address these concerns while keeping the look and feel of the 2016 version.

Please forward this to your networks and send any comments or suggestions to Karen Hirst at by 25 January 2019.

As noted a PDF version can be download from

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