Country Strategies

The need for Vision UK and co-operation and collaboration within the 4 countries of the UK has broad support – the Vision UK strategy provides both a framework for action and a platform for those in the sector to come together to discuss strategy, progress and barriers/issues. Feedback also clearly underlines the need for greater specificity in the description of objectives/priorities and the requirement for a degree of autonomy in the translation of these objectives/priorities into action plans at country, regional and local level.  The 4 Country strategies provide this autonomous leadership to deal with the different conditions in the different countries.

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England Vision Strategy LogoThe England Vision Strategy action plan was launched in June 2015 following extensive feedback from stakeholders. The plan identifies three priorities until 2020 as the key building blocks for change.
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Scottish Vision Strategy LogoThe Scottish Government remains committed to a strategy that reflects Scotland’s devolved responsibilities in areas such as health, education, social care and transport. It is an approach that has allowed us to set priorities and activities firmly within Scotland’s policy and service delivery framework.
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Northern Ireland

The purpose of the strategy is to influence government and decision makers both local and Northern Ireland Flag national to improve the eye health of the population of Northern ireland and the wider UK.
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Since the first Wales Vision Strategy was published in 2000 the Welsh Government has Welsh flag showing red dragon on a green and white fieldpublished its own Eye Health Care Delivery Plan and made eye health a public health priority. The NHS, Health boards and wider society all have a pivotal role to play in preventing avoidable sight loss through improving eye health and ensuring access to service.
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