DHSC: Care Act easements: guidance for local authorities

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3 April 2020
Source: DHSC

This guidance sets out how Local Authorities can use the new Care Act easements, created under the Coronavirus Act 2020, to ensure the best possible care for people in our society during this exceptional period.

Local Authorities and care providers are already facing rapidly growing pressures as more people need support because unpaid carers are unwell or unable to reach them, and as care workers are having to self-isolate or unable to work for other reasons. The Government has put in place a range of measures to help the care system manage these pressures. Local Authorities should do everything they can to continue meeting their existing duties prior to the Coronavirus Act provisions coming into force.

Notably in the guidance it states: “Local Authorities’ duties relating to prevention and providing information and advice also remain in place. The provision of information and advice for public reassurance will be particularly important during this period. To aid good communications, Local Authorities should continue to draw on their helpful relationships with trusted partners in the voluntary sector as well as on a full range of digital and other channels which help reach people with differing needs and in different circumstances during this period ”  

The full guidance can be read here

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