E-Access: Inaccessible websites dent business profits, as online shoppers ‘click away’

3 January 2017
Source: E-Access

UK businesses are losing out on huge sums of money – potentially totalling billions of pounds – by failing to make their websites accessible to users with access needs, new research claims.

Published by disability consultancy Freeney Williams, the Click-Away Pound (CAP) Survey assessed the “online shopping experience of customers with disabilities, and the costs to business of ignoring them.”

The report revealed that 71% of disabled customers with access needs will ‘click away’ from a website that they find difficult to use. A key finding from the survey was that the spending power of these online shoppers who click away is £11.75 billion – money which is then spent elsewhere by those same shoppers, on sites that they can access.

Launching the survey results at an event in London to coincide with the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Rick Williams – co-author of the survey and managing director of Freeney Williams – said: “As a business, why would you design a website that people can’t use? That £12 billion is displaced spending. It’s astonishing – the sheer size of that number surprised us. Businesses are losing opportunities for that money.”

The CAP Report also notes that, “Businesses need to bear in mind that if a disabled shopper clicks away from their site to one of their competitors, they show little inclination to return.”

For the full story and report please go to: Inaccessible Websites


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