Evening Standard: Amazon Alexa and RNIB team up to make the internet easier to use for visually impaired

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29 January 2020
Source: Evening Standard

Voice assistants are one way tech can aid those with disabilities online. 

The Royal National Institute of Blind People has teamed up with tech giant Amazon to make accessing the internet easier for people with sight loss.   RNIB See Differently logo

The collaboration enables the artificial intelligence (AI) to give information from the RNIB’s Sight Loss Advice Service. The company’s Echo devices featuring the smart assistant Alexa will now give RNIB-verified responses to voice commands such as “Alexa, what should I do if I think I’m losing my sight?”

Amazon hopes that the tool will improve the accessibility for upwards of 2 million people in the UK who are blind or partially sighted. RNIB research found that visual impairments create a large barrier for those who want to access the internet.

The charity claims that nearly two thirds of visually impaired people in the UK find it hard to use new technology, many linking this to accessibility issues.

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