General Optical Council Education Strategic Review

11 May 2017
Source: General Optical Council

Council welcomed the detailed and considered submissions that were received from over 50 stakeholders in response to the call for evidence on the Education Strategic Review. They discussed and approved the publication of an independent report summarising the responses and agreed the next steps for the project.

The Review is designed to ensure that education programmes and qualifications leading to GOC registration, properly equip optical professionals to meet the changing needs of patients and the challenges of a dynamic sector.

Director of Strategy Alistair Bridge said:

“The Education Strategic Review will be crucial in fulfilling one of the three strategic objectives in our Strategic Plan; ensuring that the learning and development of optical professionals adequately prepares them to carry out the roles of the future.

“The number, as well as the detail and quality of the responses to our call for evidence, show that there is strong desire from across the optical sector to be involved in shaping the development of the UK’s system of optical education.

“The responses demonstrate a consensus on the direction of travel for eye care delivery, and that the roles of optical professionals and therefore the system of education and training will need to change as a result. Our report summarising the responses provides a good platform for the next phase of the project, which will involve working closely with stakeholders to develop proposals for change.”

The GOC will publish the independent report on the responses to the Education Strategic Review and will issue a draft statement to Council in July. A draft consultation on the issues that have been raised will then be presented to Council in November.

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