GOC Council meets in Farringdon

16 November 2015
Source: The General Optical Council

Council met at the GOC’s new offices in Farringdon for the first time.

All future Council meetings will be held at the new offices, as will other meetings that the regulator had to previously hold off-site. Fitness to practise hearings have been in Farringdon since October.

Samantha Peters, GOC Chief Executive and Registrar, announced that the GOC hopes staff will move to the office on Tuesday 1 December – although with the caveat that this remains subject to the successful testing of IT equipment next week.

Samantha Peters said, “Today is an important landmark for the GOC, and so will 1 December be when, subject to IT testing, our staff move in and Farringdon becomes our new home. The more modern working environment, improved accessibility, better IT infrastructure and greater meeting room capacity will all be of great benefit to our ability to work effectively in protecting the public.”

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