GOC encourages eligible optical businesses to register

25 April 2019
Source: GOC

The General Optical Council (GOC) is encouraging eligible optical businesses to get General Optical Council LogoGOC registered.

Limited companies operating as optical businesses which use protected titles such as optometrist or optician, must register with the GOC by law. However, the GOC urge all eligible optical businesses for which business registration is not mandatory to register their business to take advantage of the benefits registration affords.

Alistair Bridge, GOC Director of Strategy, said “One of the most significant advantages of registering is greater trust from patients. Independent research showed that 84 per cent of patients interviewed said they would rather ‘use an optical business that meets a certain set of standards, than one that does not’.

“Business registration can also enhance trust from optical professionals because it gives them confidence that their employer operates to the same high professional standards as they do. Additionally, it could give NHS commissioners more confidence about the high standards of the sector as optical professionals take on more clinically complex work.

“Currently thousands of UK optical businesses are registered with the GOC, from small independents to large well-known national chains. But we’re encouraging all those who are unregistered to do so and enjoy the benefits of extra trust.”

GOC registered businesses are able to display their registration to their patients by downloading an ‘I’m registered’ logo from MyGOC, personalised with their business’ GOC number.

The GOC is currently pursuing legislative reform to ensure that all businesses carrying out restricted functions are required to register with the GOC. This would create a more level playing field for all optical businesses and give both patients and practitioners assurance that all businesses are regulated.

To find out more about business registration visit: https://bit.ly/2T2vHMK

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