GOC erases Durham based optometrist

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25 June 2019
Source: General Optical Council

The General Optical Council (GOC), the UK regulator for optometrists and dispensing opticians, has decided to erase Bryan Ainley, an optometrist based in Durham, from its register. He will now be unable to practise as an optometrist in the UK.

A GOC Fitness to Practise Committee found his fitness to practise impaired by reason of misconduct relating to the Registrant’s failure to adequately assess patients and maintain an adequate standard of record keeping.

In making the decision, the Committee chair stated:

“The Committee determined that the Registrant’s conduct, whether by wilful neglect, or recklessness, was far below that of a reasonably competent optometrist. The Committee was satisfied that a finding of misconduct is justified in this case, given that the Registrant’s inability to conduct basic optometric testing means that a safe eye test may not be possible.

“The Committee considered that a finding of current impairment on the grounds of public protection and the public interest is necessary, given the absence of any remediation and given that the Committee has found there is a risk of repetition of the misconduct.

“The failure to provide an acceptable level of patient care, (including both clinical failures and record keeping for many years), without remediation, leaves the Committee with no confidence that the Registrant has the potential to develop insight into his failures and learn from them. Accordingly, the only appropriate and proportionate sanction is one of erasure.”

Mr Ainley has until 15 July 2019 to appeal his erasure, during which time he is suspended from the register under an immediate suspension order.



  1. The full determination is available at https://www.optical.org/en/Investigating_complaints/Hearings/past_hearings/index.cfm
  2. A full transcript of the hearing is available on request and payment of an administration charge.
  3. A briefing on how the FTP process works is available at: https://www.optical.org/en/news_publications/press_kit/media-statements-and-briefings/index.cfm
  4. The registrant’s date of most recent registration with the GOC as an optometrist was 8 January 2016. His GOC registration number is 01-7055. His last registered contact address was in Ouston, Durham.

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