GOC shares 2016-18 CET cycle evaluation report

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1 November 2019
Source: General Optical Council

The General Optical Council (GOC) has published the final report of the evaluation of its 2016-18 Continuing Education and Training (CET) cycle, following a review of the data it holds within its MyCET administrative online platform.

The review analysed data from 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2018 in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the CET scheme, identify trends in registrant behaviour and identify any future developments required.

The report reveals positive results with 81 percent of registrants completing more than their minimum CET requirements for general points and 72 percent of registrants with a peer review requirement completing more than one peer review session. Peer review is not mandatory for dispensing opticians, yet 83 percent completed a review and more than half (57 percent) completed more than one.

Another area of success is reflective practice and the data shows that registrants are again exceeding the minimum practice requirements set by the GOC. In the 2016-18 CET cycle, 80 percent of registrants had created additional learning goals other than the set minimum of one, and 60 percent of registrants used reflection statements for activities other than peer review.

Marcus Dye, Head of Standards and CET, said: “We are delighted that the CET scheme continues to support the professional development of optometrists and dispensing opticians and that registrants are going above and beyond their requirements.

The findings and recommendations within the evaluation report will inform improvements to the scheme, as well as the CET Review. We will be considering further ways of embedding reflective practice and ensuring flexibility to accommodate changes in scopes of practice.

As patients’ needs are changing due to the ageing population, multi-disciplinary working and the use of technology, it is important that registrants pursue ongoing training and professional development and that the CET system meets the demands of the future.” 

The full CET cycle evaluation report is published on the GOC website: https://www.optical.org/en/news_publications/Publications/policy-and-research-papers.cfm

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