Guide Dogs: Fireworks – Petitions Committee report published!

8 November 2019
Source: Guide Dogs

Loud bangs, fizzing and crackling sounds and flashes in the sky are commonplace thisGuide Dogs Logo time of year with traditions and religious celebrations taking place from October to January.

In April, many guide dog owners told Guide Dogs how fireworks impact on them and their dog and, they included these comments in our response to the Petitions Committee’s enquiry into the use and supply of fireworks.

Natalie, one of Guide Dogs Campaigns Ambassadors says: “… I do not attend firework displays and avoid going out in the dark in fireworks season. This has worked for me, however… this is likely not practical for many guide dog owners. I do believe on the whole that more government legislation should be made on the use of domestic fireworks…”

This week the Petitions Committee published their report and recommendations, which, you can read here. It highlighted the impacts on guide dogs, “…guide dogs could often be affected not only by the noise but also by the smell of fireworks.” The report went on “The coping strategies deployed by people affected by fireworks often exacerbated pre-existing feelings of isolation…” Recommendations for the government to consider included funding of a campaign to raise awareness of the impacts of fireworks and, a call for a review into the maximum noise level permitted for fireworks.

In January Guide Dogs will be surveying guide and assistance dog owners as well as people responsible for guide dog puppies and breeding stock to evidence and inform our policy going forward. In the meantime, you may like to read our Dogs and Fireworks – Keeping your dog safe for advice this fireworks season.

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