Guide Dogs’ podcast – I See What You’re Saying

9 April 2019
Source: Guide Dogs

This humorous and insightful new four-part series delves deeper into what life is really like forGuide Dogs Logo people with sight loss. Celebrity hosts Alex Jones, Adrian Chiles, Sophie Thompson and Jeff Brazier each discuss one of life’s everyday aspects: love, family, friendship and parenting. They are joined by inspirational guests with varying degrees of vision impairment who talk honestly about the ups, the downs, and everything in between.

Celebrity host Adrian Chiles is joined by guide dog owners Dave Kent – an old friend and self-confessed rascal – and Ryan Kelly, from BBC Radio 4’s The Archers, who married his childhood sweetheart. They each share dating successes, hilarious mishaps and discuss the differences and similarities of looking for love with and without sight loss. Adrian asks whether guide dogs help or hinder dating and finds out what attributes are most important in finding a prospective partner when you may not be able to see them. Listen via the link

Celebrity host Sophie Thompson is joined by the Suttons: Rachel, Paul and three-year-old Nell. Nell has sight loss because of glaucoma which she inherited from her father, Paul, who is registered blind. Glaucoma also runs in Sophie’s family; her mother has a less severe form which she inherited from her own mother, and which means both Sophie and sister Emma must have regular check-ups. Sophie and the Suttons are joined by Roger Whalley, whose five-year-old daughter Josie suffered a stroke at birth causing a vision impairment. Both families have children with and without sight loss and discuss how it impacts dynamics, bonding, learning and development. Josie loves to bake and Nell loves art; both girls are inspirational characters who do not let their sight loss hold them back in life and neither do their families. Listen to this episode via the link

Celebrity host Jeff Brazier speaks to guide dog owners Alex Pepper and Nathan Edge, who both lost their sight completely as teenagers. They are joined by Nathan’s friend, Pete Jones-Hall, whom he met through Guide Dogs’ My Guide service. Topics of discussion include football, coming to terms with sight loss, how it can make or break friendships, plus the similarities, differences and challenges in making friends when you are blind. Alex shares hilarious friendship fails – including childhood mates being so used to his sight loss that they frequently forget he has it and leave him in pubs, clubs and even on stag dos by accident. Pete and Nathan share how My Guide matched Pete to support Nathan’s training for the London Marathon, and how with “only one good eye” between them, they bonded straight away. Listen via the link

Celebrity host Alex Jones speaks to fellow mum-to-be Libby Clegg MBE, Guide Dog owner and Paralympian gold medallist, who is expecting her first child with vision impaired partner. They are joined by Hetal Bapodra, a blind mum of two sighted children, who shatters assumptions, misconceptions and shares the prejudices her and her husband have had to face as vision impaired parents. The three women discuss the differences and many similarities of parenting with and without sight loss and bond over common challenges such as post-natal depression, exploding nappies and surviving on little to no sleep. Listen from Thursday, 11th April on your favourite podcast app or platform.


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