Guide Dogs: Scared Space Report

4 August 2017
Source: Guide Dogs

This report examines the results of a survey conducted by Guide Dogs into the experiences of all road users on shared surface versus traditional streets. The report reveals worrying statistics about the accessibility and usability of shared surface streets for all road users, but particularly those with a disability. Safety emerges as a key issue with 76% of respondents reporting feeling less safe on a shared surface area than a traditional street, and 27% saying they would avoid shared surfaces areas if possible. These concerns were echoed in research by YouGov which showed that with 66% of pedestrians say that traditional streets are safer.1 The success of shared surfaces at improving traffic flow and reducing speed was also called into question by the survey results: only 15% of motorists reported consistently lower speeds, and qualitative responses repeatedly emphasised the continued dominance of cars over pedestrians within the street.

Full report attached below

9147-scared-space-report Accessible
9147-scared-space-report Accessible
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