IAPB: Ophthalmic Nurses Prepare for 2020

13 May 2019
Source: IAPB

The World Health Organization (WHO) and International Council of Nurses announce that Nurses a voice to lead  Health for all2020 is the year of the Nurse and Midwife. This is to honour the 200th birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale, and timed to launch the WHO State of the World Report on nurses and midwifes. The IAPB community have embraced this opportunity by preparing several new initiatives to mark this auspicious year.

Firstly, volunteer IAPB members and key global nurse stakeholders are currently exploring how ophthalmic nurses can collaborate and share resources at a global level. A path ahead could be the consideration of a new global ophthalmic nursing network. Nurses from all regions, expertise levels, and those with formal ophthalmic nursing associations, are currently exploring this potential.

Secondly, we are preparing to host our sector’s first global forum for ophthalmic nurses, scheduled to coincide with IAPB Global Assembly 2020 in Singapore. The intent is to gather, for the first time, as many ophthalmic nurses from around the world to converge in Singapore. As a twofold strategy, the forum will firstly connect nurses to each other, and secondly allow IAPB members the opportunity to meet nurses from a wide range of backgrounds. This will surely lead to new opportunities and strengthening of programmes for all parties.

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