IAPB: Promoting the Rights of Assistance Dog Users

25 April 2018
Source: IAPB

Celebrating International Guide Dog Day 2018.  IAPB logo

Losing one’s sight is certainly a life-changing event. But those fortunate enough to be paired with a guide dog usually say that is the greatest benefit they can have, short of regaining their sight.  A guide dog gives them back their independence, enabling them to get out and about anywhere a sighted person can go.  However, they can get discouraged – and even fearful of going out – if people such as taxi drivers, shopkeepers and restaurant owners discriminate against them by refusing their right to enter with their well-trained dog.

Guide dogs are expensive; in the UK it costs £55,000 for the training and upkeep of each dog.   Demand far exceeds supply and Guide Dogs UK, the largest guide dog school in the world, can produce only 800 trained dogs per year for an increasing blind population.

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