IAPB: The vision of 18 million children

5 September 2017
Source: IAPB

Eighteen million is a big number, and changing eighteen million lives, – the equivalent of the IAPB logocombined populations of Sweden and Switzerland – is no mean feat. So when Our Children’s Vision, a global campaign to provide eye care to young people, hit their 10 million children target in its first year, it was certainly a cause for celebration – the additional 8 million is an indicator that they are onto something big. But with impaired vision remaining the world’s largest disability, this success is the first step and not the finish line – the campaign’s end goal is to reach an ambitious 50 million children by 2020.

One issue, many impacts

It seems simple, but uncorrected poor vision derails billions of lives. Restoring sight is the single most cost-effective health intervention when it comes to improving academic performance. Yet tens of millions of children are currently struggling with uncorrected vision.  To bring awareness to this problem and to help create the solutions required, Our Children’s Vision has created a coalition of over 60 partners in 25 countries. Although, in principle, the   goal of Our Children’s Vision is a number  – 50 million children reached by 2020 – the real measure of our success is shown through the stories of the children that our coalition of partners have treated. Whether it is by improving their ability to learn, unlocking job opportunities in later life, or simply allowing them to play confidently with friends, access to vision care is the key that unlocks improvements in almost every aspect of these children’s lives.

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