IAPB Vision Atlas

13 December 2017
Source: IAPB


Today, the world is populated by hundreds of millions of people who are unnecessarily blind or visually impaired from causes that are treatable or preventable. Proven and highly cost-effective solutions exist but have not been taken to scale – a shameful social injustice. It is our intention and hope that the IAPB Vision Atlas will become a powerful tool in the fight to redress the inequities and failings that give rise to this injustice.

The IAPB Vision Atlas brings together the latest data and evidence related to avoidable blindness and sight loss; tells the story behind the numbers; presents solutions, and good practice; highlights the opportunities to eliminate some blinding conditions; and warns of emerging threats that, if ignored, could reverse the progress that has been made in reducing prevalence over the past 25 years.


For all the information and Data please go to: http://atlas.iapb.org/

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