IDF: Integrating diabetes evidence into practice: Challenges and opportunities to bridge the gaps

26 January 2018
Source: IDF Europe

Diabetes presents a significant burden in Europe; the IDF Diabetes Atlas 2017 estimates
that it affects 58 million people and costs a staggering 145 billion euros annually.

Every day, new evidence is produced to improve the prevention and treatment of
diabetes. However, the pace at which this new evidence is implemented into practice
and has an impact on healthcare systems, healthcare professionals and persons
living with diabetes, can be slow. To align with the IDF mission to promote diabetes
prevention, care and a cure for diabetes, IDF Europe is working to produce evidence to
support effective advocacy efforts at European and country-wide levels, positioning
IDF Europe as a key partner for European health researchers and policy makers.


This report defines the current landscape in relation to diabetes in Europe and
identifies barriers and solutions for implementing diabetes evidence into practice.
We have described the current evidence, and have sought the perspectives of IDF
Europe member organisations and people with diabetes. We have also analysed social
media platforms to identify common diabetes-related topics and key issues for people
living with diabetes. We wanted to identify and understand the barriers at all levels,
including why diabetes is still not a priority in many countries, why recommended
care models are not adopted and why adherence to therapy is still too low.


Read the full International Diabetes Federation Europe Report


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