IET: 2016, Chris Lewis “When the Hyper-connected individual meets the Healthcare sector”.

19 January 2017
Source: IET

Listen to 2016s IET Healthcare Award winners and keynote speaker, Chris Lewis, speaking on “When the Hyper-connected individual meets the Healthcare sector”.

The advent of wearable technology and the emergence of ubiquitous commoditised connectivity feeding the Internet of Things (IOT) means that we can literally wrap ourselves in communicating technologies. This technology can apply to everyone, including the world’s billion disabled people, complementing or replacing certain senses and activities. Hence, the individual becomes hyper-connected. We will increasingly live in a smarter-connected home in smarter cities. At the same time, the healthcare sector faces massive pressure in terms of appointments, illness and care inside and outside of primary care. This presentation will consider how these two, very different, worlds are coming together and the implications for individuals, healthcare and social care organisations, local and central government bodies as well as all suppliers into these sectors.

Listen: HERE


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