Inspiring Impact: A subsector partnership between Visionary, NCVO and NPC to deliver shared measurement for the sight loss sector

29 January 2019
Source: Visionary

After several meetings with the Inspiring Impact pilot group members and with Visionary, Inspiring impact logoNCVO and NPC working together behind the scenes, we have now developed the first versions of the shared measurement tools we think will capture the information that the sight loss sector wishes to measure about its front line services in common.

We will be going through three stages from January 2019 to June 2019:

1. Consultation – Getting feedback from professionals working in the sector in organisations that will be using the tools as to whether the tools capture the information they need in the way they need it. Tools will be revised at this point.
2. Small scale pilot – Pilot group members using the tools in a real-life situation for three to five clients to spot any immediate practical concerns. Tools will be revised at this point.
3. Larger scale pilot – Pilot group members testing how the tools will be incorporated into their existing systems; testing them across a variety services and staff; and with a larger number of clients. Tools will be revised at this point.

Following consultation and pilots we will then evaluate whether the tools give us what we need and can look at what systems we might need to implement in order to support a wider roll-out if the pilot has been successful.

Consultation runs until close of play Friday 1st March 2019. Contact or or explore this website for more information

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