John Thompson to chair England Vision Strategy Executive Group

26 October 2017
Source: England Vision Strategy

The body responsible for overseeing the implementation of the England Vision Strategy has announced that John Thompson has been elected as chair, having co-chaired the Executive Group since 2015.

Under the England Vision Strategy, the leading organisations in the eye health and sight loss sector are working together to deliver a plan for change. The England Vision Strategy action plan was launched in June 2015 following extensive feedback from stakeholders.

When the England Vision Strategy was launched, it was agreed that the executive group would be jointly chaired by John Thompson, a former senior civil servant who advised governments on sight loss, and Peter Corbett, the chief executive of the Thomas Pocklington Trust.

At a recent meeting of the executive group, Peter Corbett stepped down as co-chair and John Thompson was then elected as chair.

Speaking after the meeting, John Thompson said: “I would like to thank Peter for his help, advice and support with developing and implementing the England Vision Strategy.

“In 2015, we identified six priorities which will remain the building blocks for change until next year. We have made huge progress on this work and we have also established regional structures across 12 English regions which are vital for achieving the priorities of the England Vision Strategy.

“Peter has made a huge contribution to this work and, as chief executive of the Thomas Pocklington Trust, he will remain actively involved in the England Vision Strategy.”

Peter Corbett added: “We originally felt that having two people chairing the group was the right way to proceed as it would help the sector to work together closely on developing the England Vision Strategy.

“I now feel that we have made a great deal of progress with the strategy and am of the view that John would be the best person to chair the group.

“I will of course be available to help John and others if needed. In the meantime, there’s plenty for me to be getting on with at the Thomas Pocklington Trust as we continue to expand the support we provide to blind and partially sighted people.”




Notes to editors

The implementation of the England Vision Strategy is supported by a dedicated team funded by Thomas Pocklington Trust.

The six key priorities of the England Vision Strategy are:
1. Detecting eye conditions early, especially in seldom heard groups;
2. Promoting a consistent strategy for eye care commissioning;
3. Improving the Certification process – making sure people who are eligible actually get certified and registered and that relevant data flows through the whole eye health and sight loss pathway;
4. Early intervention to ensure practical and emotional support post diagnosis (for example, an eye clinic liaison officer available in every eye department);
5. Habilitation and rehabilitation available on a free and timely basis for as long as needed to learn or relearn key life skills including mobility;
6. Development of peer support and self-help groups in every community for adults, children and families to provide voluntary sector support for independent living and to lobby for inclusive local public services.

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