Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities: Retrospective chart review of spectacle prescription prevalence in adults with learning disabilities in Scotland

3 June 2019

Maggie Butchart and Craig Colahan


Evidence suggests that people with learning disabilities are less likely to have an up‐to‐date eye examination as sight loss is characteristically underdiagnosed in people with complex needs. Method A retrospective study of records from 576 Service Users of RNIB UK Vision, learning disability and Complex Needs Services was carried out. Results The record review found a higher prevalence of spectacle prescription in a learning disability (LD) population in agreement with findings from other LD studies. There was a higher prevalence of severe myopia in people with LD compared with a general adult population.


This study found a higher prevalence of spectacle prescription in people with learning disabilities compared to a general adult population, which has implications for people with learning disabilities to ensure that they have access to eye care and regularly attended eye tests. It also has implications for healthcare professionals working with people with complex needs to ensure they have access to eye care.

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16418075LD (003)
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