Lancashire Evening Post: Preston’s controversial Fishergate shared space a no go area for the blind.

12 July 2018
Source: Lancashire Evening Post

Preston’s controversial Fishergate shared space scheme could be facing further problems, with calls for an audit over its accessibility for elderly and disabled people. A committee for the Department for Transport has published a report calling for urgent action over shared space schemes such as Fishergate, saying they saying they are not suitable for disabled people, particularly the blind.

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Fishergate’s scheme was named and shamed by The National Federation of the Blind of the UK. NFBUK spokeswoman Sarah Gayton challenged Lancashire County Council to act now to improve the scheme saying: “There is no excuse not to make Fishergate inclusive.”

The report ‘Position on Shared Space’, from the Department of Transport’s Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee stresses a need for “urgent revision” of shared space policy guidance. It says the implementation of shared space schemes should be paused pending independent evaluation. The report also advises the Government to commission further research on the schemes and not leave matters entirely to local authorities. Vision UK wholeheartedly supports this position statement.

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