LGA: The lives we want to lead The LGA green paper for adult social care and wellbeing

31 July 2018
Source: Local Government Association

Your views matter. The LGA green paper is only a starting point and the LGA want to build Local Government Association logomomentum for a debate across the country about how to fund the care we want to see in all our communities for adults of all ages and how our wider care and health system can be better geared towards supporting and improving people’s wellbeing.

Throughout this green paper the LGA pose a series of consultation questions and they would welcome your views on all those that are important to you. The consultation will run from 31 July to 26 September. Once the consultation closes the LGA will analyse all responses and publish a response in the autumn. Future of Adult social care logo

To complete the consultation, please read the green paper and then visit ‘have your say‘ and submit your views via the online form.

If you’d prefer to submit via email, please use: socialcareconversation@local.gov.uk

Full details on the LGA website

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