LOCSU commissioning chief welcomes new Primary Eye Care framework

Richard Whittington

26 July 2016
Source: LOCSU

LOCSU has welcomed the publication of the new Primary Eye Care Framework for eye health services.

The new, expanded Commissioning Team is urging CCGs to play their part in helping to reduce avoidable sight loss by implementing the whole system eye care pathways proposed in the framework published this month by the Clinical Council for Eye Health Commissioning.

CCGs will minimize duplication, streamline processes and gain better outcomes for patients, the framework predicts.

“Given the current capacity issues in both the Hospital Eye Service and general practice, it is an obvious choice for CCGs,” said LOCSU’s new Assistant Director, Commissioning, Richard Whittington.

“For services to have the maximum impact and cost-effectiveness, CCGs need to work together at a population level and across CCG and care tier boundaries if we truly want an integrated service.

“Current pressures require a radical response and the introduction of a Minor Eye Conditions Service (MECS) and more routine step-down care will make a significant difference to demand and capacity.

“LOCSU, which has developed a set of accredited national pathways referred to in the Framework, believes that outcomes for patients will improve if there is a co-ordinated and multi-professional approach to tackle both urgent and routine activity.

“We know that high-street optical practices can help streamline services by being a first port of call. This will lead to earlier detection of eye problems, quicker and easier access to the appropriate service and professional and better use of hard-pressed CCG budgets.

“The current piecemeal approach isn’t working. LOCSU congratulates the Clinical Council for Eye Health Commissioning for the timely and relevant publication of this much needed document and we urge all CCGs to fully implement its recommendations.”

A link to the report, Primary Eye Care Framework for First Contact, can be found on the LOCSU website, here: http://www.locsu.co.uk/communications/news/?article=184

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