Major new planning requirement for children with SEN and disabilities through Autism Bill children’s commitments

24 March 2010

The Government has just published new rules which will require local areas in England to plan to meet the needs of children with disabilities and special educational needs (SEN).

The NAS, working with Council for Disabled Children, TreeHouse and other Autism Bill partners, secured the commitment during discussions with Government on the original children’s clauses of the Autism Bill. It should lead to significant improvements in local services for children with SEN and disabilities.

Children’s Trusts will be required through regulations to look at the needs of children with SEN and disabilities and use this to identify the key actions they will take to improve outcomes for these children in their Children and Young People’s Plan.

The statutory guidance highlights that children with different disabilities have very different needs and that Children’s Trusts should work to improve their data for the most vulnerable groups of children.

The regulations come into effect on 1st April 2010. The statutory guidance was published on 23rd March and is available at the bottom of this page:

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