New Dementia & Sight Loss Interest Group Launched!

18 June 2010

As part of National Eye Health Week (14th-20th June 2010), VISION 2020 UK are pleased to announce the launch of its new Dementia and Sight Loss Interest Group. Details of this new Group are found below.

If you would like to join it, please go our homepage (, click on Interest/Workgroups & Committees, log-in using your email address and password (there is a password reminder if you require it), scroll down to “JOIN Dementia and Sight Loss Interest Group” and double click on this link. Obviously, as the Interest Group matures, more documentation etc. will be added.

We hope you find this new Interest Group useful!


In 2008, RNIB, the Alzheimer’s Society and Thomas Pocklington Trust formed the Dementia and Sight Loss Interest Group. The Group’s formation was triggered by the growing realisation that, although large numbers of people with dementia also have problems with vision and visual perception, awareness of the particular difficulties faced by those affected by both conditions is very low.

The aims of the Dementia and Sight Loss Interest Group are:
• to develop and promote a better understanding of the issues facing people affected by dementia and sight loss
• to support and influence initiatives around dementia and sight loss, initially in the Alzheimer’s Society, RNIB and Thomas Pocklington Trust but over time among policy makers and practitioners
• to develop and disseminate materials, resources and tools that contribute to good practice.

The Group’s focus is on issues relating to the concurrence of loss of vision and dementia. This includes issues of visual perception that may be related to dementia and issues related to eye conditions, such as cataracts.

The aim of this microsite is to support the growing number of organisations and individuals with an interest in concurrent dementia and sight loss and create a community of practice meeting place where people can find resources, including links to information and tools, and contribute to a body of experience and knowledge by submitting ideas and documents to share with others.

Clive Evers, Alzheimers Society
Sarah Buchanan, Thomas Pocklington Trust
Pamela Lacy, RNIB
Pam Turpin, ARUP

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