NHS England Eye Health Policy Book

5 September 2018
Source: NHS England

Version number: 3.0    NHS England Logo

First published: 12 January 2016

Updated: 1 August 2018

This policy and guidance manual has been updated to reflect the changing landscape in primary care co-commissioning.

In January 2016, the ‘Eye Health Policy Book’ for Primary Ophthalmic Services was published (Gateway Ref 04170), which provided commissioners of optometry services with the context, information and tools to commission and manage GOS contracts.

NHS England commissions General Ophthalmic Services. Recognising the need to strengthen guidance for commissioners, NHS England has reviewed its Policy Book and the feedback received since its first publication and has made a number of revisions published here. Chapters included remain the same but the templates for contract assurance and the assessment of new contracts have been updated along with some minor detail changes and the consolidation of the numerous annexes.

NHS England recognises the pace and scale of change in Primary Ophthalmic Services commissioning, service delivery and redesign. As such it is committed to reviewing this policy and guidance regularly, to ensure it supports the commitments set out in the General Practice Forward View, the Five Year Forward View and with changes in legislation and regulation.

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