NHS pressures and care market failures across country means short-term funding must continue, ADASS budget survey reveals

15 June 2018

Despite a welcome injection of short-term funding into the sector, adult social care across the ADASS Logocountry face care market failures, reduced investment in prevention, and the knock-on effects from NHS pressures – such as an increased focus on people delayed in hospital, and a reduction in NHS spend on continuing health care – the Association for the Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) reveals in its annual budget survey today.

Funding for adult social care now makes up 37.8 per cent of total council budgets. This shows that councils are continuing to do their best to protect adult social care and yet despite this, social care continues to have to make savings.

ADASS is therefore urgently calling on the Government to:

  • Make sure that short-term protected funding to shore up social care continues so that emergency need can be met until the Green Paper is implemented;
  • Find a way to deliver long-term, adequate funding in the upcoming green paper that enables meeting people’s needs effectively is a reality, not an aspiration;
  • Help councils support the care market and value the skilled staff that works within it, and putting providers on a firm financial footing

An astonishing 92 per cent of councils surveyed who increased their precepts to cover social care costs said they were doing so just to keep pace with demographic pressures. The short-term funding has not given councils confidence in their ability to meet long-term demand.

Fotr the full story see the ADASS Website

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