NICE: Draft guideline on cataracts in adults: management. Response

17 May 2017
Source: NICE


NICE have released the draft guideline on cataracts in adults: management and its supporting evidence which are now out for consultation.

VISION 2020 UK will be responding and would be interested in any comments you have on these guidelines to add to our response. Please send any responses to

NICE hope that your organisation will submit comments on the draft guideline; and we would encourage you to do so alongside our collaborative response.  It is a valuable opportunity to ensure that the guideline considers issues important to your members. The consultation page has all the information and documents you need to comment.

The Developer has produced an economic model to support the guideline. An executable version of this model is available on request, and will be released on receipt of a completed confidentiality form.

The consultation will close at 5pm on 23 June 2017.

NICE expect the guideline to be published on 24 October 2017. If your organisation submits comments and a signed confidentiality form, 2 weeks before publication we will send you the final guideline, along with comments from stakeholders, so you can let us know about any substantive errors.

If you have any queries about this consultation, please contact Oyin Adebanji via 

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