NICE impact falls and fragility fractures published

23 August 2018
Source: NICE

Each year, almost a third of over 65s fall at least once and there are an estimated 500,000 NICE logofragility fractures. This report considers how NICE’s evidence-based guidance might contribute to improvements in the prevention and management of falls and fragility fractures.


This report highlights progress made by the healthcare system in implementing NICE guidance. NICE recognise that change can sometimes be challenging and may require additional resources such as training, new equipment or pathway reconfiguration. NICE work with partners including NHS England, Public Health England and NHS Improvement to support these changes, and they also look for opportunities to make savings by reducing ineffective practice.

While Vision UK welcome this report we note that despite the NICE recommendations in: Falls in older people: assessing risk and prevention which include ‘assessment of visual impairment’ as part of ‘ Multifactorial assessment’ the report shows (page 7) shows that only 52% of people experiencing a fall get a Vision care plan. We believe that this is severely deficient and should be highlighted and promoted to both falls teams and commissioners.

Report attached below

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