NIHR Signal: A patch or eye drops are similarly effective for the treatment of “lazy eye” in children

30 December 2019
Source: NIHR Signal

Both the use of a patch or atropine eye drops are equally suitable methods for improving National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Logoclarity of vision (visual acuity) in children and young adults with amblyopia (a “lazy eye”).

Amblyopia is a cause of poor vision in childhood that usually affects only one eye, resulting in the individual relying more on the good eye. The standard methods of treatment involve training the weaker eye and promoting its use by covering the strong eye with a patch, or eye drops to blur the vision in the good eye.

This NIHR-funded systematic review evaluated seven trials comparing 1,177 children treated with one of the methods. The findings reinforce existing knowledge that both forms of treatment are similarly effective and that the choice of method is down to child and parental preferences.

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