NPC / RS Macdonald report on visual impairment in Scotland

25 May 2016
Source: NPC

The purpose of this report Independent funders can make a big difference to the lives of NPC Logovisually impaired people in Scotland. This report is a guide for those who wish to do so, and has four key aims:

• to explain the context for the vital work of charities and funders working on visual impairment in Scotland;

• to outline the priority needs of people with visual impairment in Scotland;

• to identify solutions, gaps in funding, and opportunities for funders;


• to examine the role of independent funders, setting out some questions that funders can ask themselves when prioritising their activities.

This report is the product of desk research and interviews with charities, funders and academics working on visual impairment issues in Scotland. We hope that the frameworks included will enable funders to think through how they can have the greatest impact on the lives of people with visual impairment in Scotland. While it is written with funders in mind, this report will also be of interest to: charities that work within the visual impairment sector; policymakers; academics; and the general public; including people with sight loss and their carers.

VISION 2020 UK are very pleased to having been involved in the research and writing of this report.

For the full report lease see:

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Please also see the blog by Douglas Hamilton the Director of the RS Macdonald Charitable Trust about the research at:

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