On the Mend are recruiting blind and visually impaired volunteers for their design project ‘Fonts with Feelings’

10 April 2019
Source: On the Mend

In our everyday lives we rely on written text for communication, but often these are not visually accessible to those with vision impairments. Text relies heavily on visual styling through fonts, to convey different types of messages: For instance serif fonts tend to be more academic heavy and rounder fonts for public navigation. If it is possible to style written text with different fonts, it should be possible to style braille.

In this exhibition, On the Mend posit a future when braille is styled to convey different messages. How can we envisage different fonts for braille? How can we use different materials to evoke different emotions? And will this affect how different messages are received: will a fluffy, light feeling braille suit messages with a softer tone?

We want to work develop this idea by working with a focus group of blind and partially sighted people to develop alternative textured ‘fonts’ for braille users. We will then display these during ‘Creativity and Wellbeing Week’ from the 12th to the 16th of June 2019 at The Bomb Factory Art Foundation.

On the Mend are a collective of designers committed to improving the experiences of those in healthcare environments.

See below flyer with further details.

To find out more or to volunteer, email hello@onthemend.me

On The Mend's Fonts With Feelings Flyer
On The Mend's Fonts With Feelings Flyer
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