Optometry Today: The GOC looks ahead

10 August 2018
Source: Optometry Today

Keeping the big picture in mind is important for General Optical Council (GOC) chair, Gareth General Optical Council LogoHadley.

The GOC’s task of completing the first review of optometry education in 35 years involves hundreds of hours of meetings and traversing a mountain of paperwork.

Although there may be a tendency for some to get lost in mechanics, Mr Hadley believes it is important to keep in mind the purpose that the newly engineered programme aims to fulfil.

“In this changing world we have got to make sure that our registrants are able to safely perform not only their existing work but work that will come their way in the future,” he shared.

“We can’t predict all of it. There will be things happening in five years’ time that we haven’t got an inkling of now,” Mr Hadley added.

Equipping the profession to take on an extended range of clinical services will ultimately help to ensure that more patients are seen within the community, and take the burden off an overloaded hospital eye service.

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